• Moises Del Castillo Inuna
  • Noe Huaraca Charca


Written, directed and edited by
  • Marieke Elzerman
  • Liliana Diaz
  • Estephania Bonnett Alonso
  • KASK School of Arts & Conservatorium
Sound design/mix
  • Zita Leemans
  • Werner Herzog

Moises y el pájaro


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A twelve-year old boy named Moises leaves his hometown to go to the jungle for the first time. He goes to visit his uncle, who works as a birdbander. While they have to wait for the bird to fly into the net, Moises sets out alone to discover the jungle. The jungle doesn’t seem dangerous to him at all and he becomes bored and frustrated with nature all around him. But when the bird finally gets trapped into the net, Moises’ fascination for the careful research of the bird starts growing. In the end he even finds a way to connect with the jungle in his own way.

This film was made during the workshop ‘Filming in Peru with Werner Herzog’

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