• Naomi Pacifique
  • Mayra Cruz Robelo
  • Iker Aranjuelo Michelena
  • Mohammed Bourakkadi
  • Begoña Lamy Mendizabal
  • Maria Castillo Escudero
  • Martíne Thebsault
  • Nuria Orbea
  • Pierre Antoine


Director of Photography
  • Artur-Pol Camprubí
  • Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola
  • Marieke Elzerman
  • Tomás Florez
  • Isabella Bello
Second Unit of Photography
  • Cristina Neira
Production Assistants
  • Paula González
  • Inés Calero
  • Pablo Adiego
  • Carlota González
Sound design
  • Zita Leemans

La Voz Rosa


Natu, a young woman from Switzerland, spends some time in San Sebastian. There, she undergoes a training to recover her strained voice which she has harmed from both her strenuous job as a primary school teacher and her toxic relationship with her partner. While wandering around San Sebastian, she meets people who each show her their work: a woman who makes poetry books by hand, a group of retired people who make dolls for an annual Christmas stall and a researcher who investigates the pollution on leaves in the city park. Slowly, her personal way of looking at the world and the people takes more form and she starts to speak up.

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